mercredi 17 août 2016

Lyndon Johnson interview Twisted Kala about the forest psychedelic music and the work flow process or methods involved.

Lyndon Johnson interview Twisted Kala for his final university project at SAE MELBOURNE about the forest psychedelic music and the work flow process or methods involved:

1: How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it? 
I was musician since children.
My family was playing Piano and cello.
I done 10 years of classical music theory and Piano at france music conservatory children.
Then I played Didjeridoo, percussions.
Then I became big dancer in trance parties, what I was doing regulary as I lived 10 years Goa and 
was working on European festivals in the summer.
At that time I was already creating line up for peoples to keep good musical flow, creating also musical stories
for myself on simple cd players, paper and pen to write wich tracks where feating together.
Then I started produce electronic music and wanted play live.
I releazed then the way to do to be ready for live act, so I became DJ, start to play my tracks 
in my DJ Set...And in Goa you play a lot and many peoples listen you so I started be invited all over the world.
Then my first live act....

2: What Virtual or Analog Synths do you use to create your basic sounds within your projects for
 e.g. Bass, Leads, Pads? (this excludes the use of samples).
I used different virtual synths regarding to the periods.
I like VB1 for bass. I did use Alien 303 for sometimes.
I did use for long Albino 3 for leads and Atmos, synplant also for atmos.
I like a lot U-he Zebra 2 also, synth 1.
Today I use mainly my synth modular in built.
I have now Even VCO, Output, Midi things, BF22 filter, multiplicater Befaco DIY, adn the A112 doepfer

3: What kind of work flow do you follow? As in what is your first go to thing when you open up
 a new project? Is it creating melody or Kick and Bass?
I first create kick and bass, then It depends...I can start to create sounds, or do some recording 
with the voice....Depend where I'm with my personnal work/ game with music.
For exemple this synth modular is quite new for me and I enjoy so much doings sounds with that then I just
need to put all this sounds on a kick and bass base.... :)

4: How long does it take you to complete a track? 
Can be 1 month.
Can be 6 month.
Sometimes I have few tracks in work at the same time...Most of the time.
So 6 months totaly finish mixing all but not only 1 is finished in 6 months also!
Depend also with my travels.

5: After your final mix down do you use outboard gear to achieve certain characteristic within a project? Dynamic and FX processing?
I all time give my tracks unmaster to professional mastering.
My producer's work finish after the final mix.

6: Do you use a lot of samples within your project? 
I write all my sounds start with the raw initial sound of the synths.
No presets.
I use samples sometimes for kick (sometimes I write kick in midi with Nicky Romero), and most of the time for percus.

7: Maintaining a successful career takes a lot of work and commitment, 
how much time do you dedicate towards your work?
I work all the time but it's my choice.
And why?
Because it's not working it is doing what I love to do and I like be active I don't like do nothing or just
hanging around too much.
With my "work" I travel a lot, meet new peoples and discover new countries.
I share then my home time with music production and spiritual practices, also walk in nature daily.
It is a magical holy life.
I'm dedicated to open my mind and this one of others trough the music, sounds, in the direction on
global awareness.

8: If there was one word you could use to explain your experience so far while working as a music producer, what would it be?
You need to succes to be happy, to believe, to follow the flow of life, to go for it.
It force you to awake more and more.
Everything is frequencies, then sounds also, that we can hear or not, and I'm so glad to study the universe and
it's low trough this way.

9: With all the music producers in the world today, what made you think that you were still going to be successful in this field or genre of music?
Nothing never say me nothing in life I just live via my instinct and follow it.
I"m aware that i'm aware of only 15 pour cent of the total field so....
too much thinking bring nowhere best to meditate I would say! Hi! Hi!

10: Last but not least, what trade publications do you use to keep you on top of your craft? 
Google +
My blog:

Sometimes I do some games online where peoples need share my posts to win something.

Forums speaking about the topics I want to spread...

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