Magic and Awareness

Here all the ideas that I collect since I'm young teneger about Human being, Magic and Awareness:
(I will add notes regulary)

* Our existence is multidimentional.
We are not solid, continuing, individuals beings, but rather are a flux of tought forms (images, opinions, beliefs, and expectations, learned from ours parents and society) being urged this way and that by spirit forces.

* All belief systems are false, because what's really going out there in the universe has nothing to do with beliefs (mind). The univers is made of feelings (intent), not objects (tought forms).

* Being in a body is an intepretation that infants learn as they grow and discover their bodies.
Our physical body is something that we've learned: we're not borned with it.
Learning how to operate without a body - unlearning what we learned as infants - is an important part of magician's training.
The intepretation that we have a physical body is merely a belief, exactly like the interpretation being awake is in fact nothing more than a highly evolved and specialized form of dreaming.

* There is no Immediat hard line of distinction between sound and brain wave frequency.
Brain waves are defined as rythmic changes in electrical energy.

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