dimanche 23 septembre 2018

Feeling happier by living healthier! Chapter 6

Good Magical day.

Today the science proof and explain that, for exemple, all proteins of our body are made from the same molecules .
In living beings, 20 amino acids are constitutive of the proteins. They can be combined in such a way as to for proteins, wich can consist of hundred of amino acids, but wich will necessarily be part of the list of this 20.
And that what differency one type of proteins from the others is how many of each of this 20 kind of molecules  and how they are organized, means wich shape they take all together.

In the lastest time, quantum physic arrives at the conclusion that an atom is not solid, a material object, but a pulse of energy and informations.
The difference betwenn an atom of lead and an atom of gold, is not on the material plane.
What is differencying the gold from the lead, is the disposition and the number of this pulse of energy and information (on the same system of , in the matter, the proteins differenciations).
All the structure of the material creation is belong of the information and the energy.
And this pulses of energy and information are the  thinking non-substance that make up all what we call matter.

And what is a tought?
Also a pulse of energy and information.
We think our toughts are only in our head because they have a linguistic structure. But this pulse of energy coming from our head, are the raw material of the universe.
The only difference of the toughts wich are in our head, and this one are outside of our head, is this perception that I make to structure this one of my head in a linguistic plane.
But before a tought is manifested verbally and received as language, it's only an intention..
It's a pulse of energy and information.
Before the language, all the life is exprimed on the same way.
We are all thinking beings in a thinking universe.

I really got inspired by, of course, all my past psychedelic adventures, and today, by Deepak Chopra, to get this realization.

When you understand in your total being this, each day is a new Magical day!
Om Namo Narayan.

May the Magic be with you!

Karine / Twisted Kala

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