jeudi 7 juin 2018

Feeling happier by living healthier! Chapter 5

Good Magical day!

My last house view in Goa 2017
So let's resume what we already said in the earlier chapters:
Our point is, as said in the chapter 1, to raise our level or vibration / energy to feel happier and have a better life, with good food, natural activities and meditation / exercices of consciousness / yoga....
In the chapter 2 the remind was to be aware of ourself and taking actions in new habits.
So the first advice of new daily action was to remember in the bed before sleeping a good moment we had, to fall asleep with sweet toughts.
In the chapter 3 the remind was that mind is a tool that need to receive a direction and not let be free.
So the second daily habit advice was to write down every night 10 things to be thankfull, and to read them the morning to start the day with a happy mood.
In the chapter 4 the remind was that hapiness come within ourself.
And the 3rd  habits advice was to walk atleast twice a week in the nature and take the time to feel here and now.

In this chapter 5 I will propose to you to, each day, best in the morning, to open your arms to the sky and say thank you for all the magical things will come to you in this day.
Take also a moment, a couple of minutes, 3 times a day, to have 10 deep breaths. Take this moment with yourself, to be center again, to let the access at your higher self to guide you on your magical path.
You can put an alarm on your phone, for 3 different times int he days, and do it at that moment.

Sydney Australia 2018

It is really about to make the comitment to do daily new actions to change our life in a more positif and successful way.

May the Magic be with you!

Om Namo Narayan!

Karine / Twisted Kala


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