dimanche 31 juillet 2016

Psychedelic Music Production Workshop Level 2 Part 1 now available

Good Magical day.
You can get now the part 1 of Level 2 of the Psychedelic Music Production workshop done in Mumbai! =D
You'll find inside:
Midi with Zebra 2. Action of LFO. Progression of Percussions to start the track. Setup to record Midi in Audio. Creation of Patch with Zebra 2.
Midi learn (Assignations). Sound design with Zebra 2 (going more deeply in LFO analyse and assignations). Remind of recording an audio sample with Midi virtual instrument.
Writing sounds for the track.Sound Design with Zebra 2: doing more sounds for the track, create FX Samples, create an Ambiance sound .Explanation of Envelopp of the sound (ADSR), action of release. Going more deeply in Ambiance's sound design with Zebra 2. Play with the sounds done to put them in the track. Cut a sample to create gate. Start to write story of the track. Place the sounds in the track to write to story. Editing volume in an audio sample. Bounce audio element. Review of bases of a track (building).
Moove quantize in an audio sample. Using Pitch envelopp to Create a break.
Keep building the story.
Here one demo!

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