samedi 19 mai 2018

Feeling happier by living healthier! Chapter 1

Twisted Kala in Goa!
Twisted Kala in Goa!

Good Magical day.

When I did growth society said to me that life is difficult and that we must do an activity that we don't really like , but that would give us the possibilities to survive in this hard world.
For us to believe that, we have in the moovies, TV and more a lot of horribles things, for us be sure the world is hard.
On the other side, in many different places in the world, there is many peoples have completly different believings and way of living and who can see every day what is beautiful, and who have a much happier life.
By having a healthy and good (organic) food, by doing natural activities and meditation or yoga, we can raise our level of energy and feel more happy and motivated, pushing us to see the beauty of the life and taking actions (bringing us to success) in fields we believe.

May the Magic be with you!
Karine aka Twisted Kala aka KalaJi


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