mardi 22 mai 2018

Feeling happier by living healthier! Chapter 3

Good Magical day!

So let's keep going to feel happier by daily life habits wich can drive our mind in a good level.
Let's not forget that the mind is a tools for us to organize ours lifes, and that if we don't feed it, like we feed our body, then we don't control what is going inside.....Then we can not be surprised by some weird moods.

Atman festival / Shri Lanka

So before you go to sleep, you can take a pen and a paper and write down 10 things that you can be thankfull.
This will help you also for what we spoke in the chapter 2 (to remember before sleeping in the bed nice parts of our life).
And when you wake up the morning, before your breakfast then you can read again the 10 happy times or things we have that we did write down the night before.
This will help you a lot to start the day with a happy mood, so to attract to you more happy times.

view from my room of Siolim / Goa / India

May the Magic be with you!

Om Namo Narayan!

Karine / Twisted Kala


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