dimanche 20 mai 2018

Feeling happier by living healthier! Chapter 2

Good Magical day!

As we saw in the chapter 1 (please read the chapter 1 in first), by be aware of ourself and taking some actions, we can raise our level of vibration / energy.
This will bring to us better view of the world, better ideas and motivation to take actions.
It will also increase our health so with it the feeling of being well.

To wake up with a good mood is already a really good point to sart the day!

And to wake up with a good mood I'm gonna give to you a good tools!
If yours last toughts when you go to sleep are happy toughts,
then  this flavor of being happy will stay in your mind 
and you'll have better dreams and better wake up mood!

So when you're lying down in your bed and are ready to sleep,
you can remember something you done recently and enjoyed a lot.
You can remember the nice feeling you had in yours mind and body,
and feel again the same wonderful sensation, and fall asleep with it.

So this is my advice of the day in this chapter 2 of feeling happier with a healthier life.
                                       I will now post regulary in this blog tools for happier life.

                                         MAY THE MAGIC BE WITH YOU ALWAYS!

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